An overhaul of a CNC machine tool consists in the complete repair of mechanical part of the machine and complete exchange of electric components, including control system, electric drives and digital measurement.
The result of overhaul carried-out is a machine with parameters same or better than original brand new machine. Use of new and modern components secures high operation reliability for many years. Nosným programom firmy LEMAKOR sú stredné a generálne opravy obrábacích strojov, predovšetkým CNC strojov. V rámci týchto činností ponúkame projekciu, dodávku a inštalaciu riadiacích systémov, regulovaných pohonov a systémov digitálneho odmeriavania.

There are three options for an overhaul:

1. Overhaul done by the standard way:
The machine is dismantled and transported to our workshop where it is completely overhauled and put into operation. The customer then takes over the machine at our workshop as for the completeness of the overhaul and functionality of the machine as a whole. Then the machine is transported to the customer where it is installed and put into operation, incl. training of operation and maintenance.

2.  Machine delivery after the overhaul is done:
In this case we arrange for the CNC tool machine required, do an overhaul and the machine is delivered to the customer as a whole.

3.  An overhaul done by an exchange method:
The customer owns a machine to be overhauled but asks to shorten the temporary shutdown needed and thus drop-out in the production to minimum. The required type of the machine is provided , the overhaul is done and only after that we install it at the customer. During the overhaul is being done, the customer can produce on his own machine and the drop-out is limited only to the time needed for dismantling old machine and installing new machine into operation.

Modernization of CNC machine tools

An overhaul is often connected with partial change of machine concept aiming to increase utility properties of the machine. This change lies in adding electric drives of individual controlled axes, in the change of way power transfer from a servo drive into the sliding mechanism aiming to have no clearance, etc. Machine tools modernization enables you to significantly increase the value of the machine tool for economically favourable conditions by improving its parameters and technological possibilities. Modernization in CNC machine tools lies mainly in the change of control from right-angled to continuous control with an option of linear and circular interpolation. 
In convention machine tools we offer application of digital measurement of individual axes systems, which greatly increase the productivity and precision of the machine and improve the operating comfort.

Replacement of control systems

We replace control systems for CNC machine tools control of all types – boring machine, lathes,  vertical lathes.
 We do modernization of NC and CNC machines by installing of controls systems of new generation. We install control systems of renowned companies as SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN, FANUC, which comply with current needs of modern machining needs. According to the needs, electric drives are replaced as well as digital measuring system.

Machines moving

We offer:

  • professional disconnection and dismantling
  • installing and assembly of the machine in a new place, putting into operation

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